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As the 21C unfolds in all its uncertainties, the challenges in the business world are getting higher and tougher day by day. Educational Institutions, especially Business Management Schools are not far from this crisis; in fact they are in the very crux of the entire gamut of a huge responsibility in developing able managers to meet these challenges. Needless to say, today's Managers are more recognized by their ability to perform under dynamic conditions. The need of the hour is, therefore, to lay a strong foundation & evolve innovative process that will prepare these Managers of the future to be able to excel in the realm of Business Management & Tourism in the new millennium.


ACADEMY OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, TOURISM & RESEARCH (The ABMTR), an Institution run by The Bethel Educational Trust, Bangalore, is a New Generation Business School that believes & practices a different practical knowledge culture. Our learning environment encourages healthy internal competition & students are not merely judged by their academic performance but goes beyond curriculum activities to understand the true value in them.

The Philosophy at ABMTR is to BELIEVE, COMMIT & DELIVER.

BELIEVE: in one's capabilities, by challenging the best through instilling the best of knowledge and experience that bring out the best all the time; take advantage of every opportunity or a chance to develop the hunger in us to challenge each goal ahead of us.

COMMIT: to targets that are measurable, yet provide strong feedback, to be able to excel at challenges ahead and opportunities that head our way through innovative and strong approach, experiences which mould us from strength to strength.

DELIVER: to the commitment that has been made, raise the bar to excel in our capabilities that every single opportunity we get and to reward oneself on every single achievement, also every success that gives us a fresh bout of energy to challenge greater opportunities ahead.

This powerful approach to ensure success needs to be backed by resources and facilities that make it a reality. ABMTR has made sure of those facilities of the highest order for knowledge pursuit. From world-class infrastructure and best of the faculties - both from the corporate and academia, students can feel the difference in the very value system that is a "Way of Life at ABMTR". Thus, the Institute is committed to deliver and make sure that our stake holders i.e. PARENTS, STUDENTS, TEACHERS and the MANGEMENT are reveling in the glory of a powerful connected learning community that is continuous and re – inventing.

Dear aspirant, come; Join the force that changes you and your capabilities, while transforming you to be a professional with a sense of value and determination, an approach that guarantees one thing – SUCCESS through Pursuit of Knowledge.